Namibia and the US to continue cooperation in health and economics

Niël Terblanché

The enduring relationship between Namibia and the United States of America is poised for further expansion and deepening, heralding a promising future for both nations.

Following a courtesy visit to President Nangolo Mbumba at State House, US Ambassador to Namibia, Randy Berry reiterated the United States’ commitment to continuing its long-standing programs and partnerships with Namibia, which span over three decades.

According to Ambassador Berry, the cornerstone of this bilateral relationship has been the health sector, with the United States playing a pivotal role in Namibia’s fight against HIV/AIDS.

For nearly two decades, the partnership between the US government, through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and the Namibian Ministry of Health and Social Services has made significant strides in combating this epidemic.

PEPFAR, initiated in 2003 by the US government, represents the largest commitment by any nation to address a single disease globally.

In Namibia, PEPFAR has been instrumental in providing comprehensive HIV/AIDS services, including prevention, treatment, and care programs.

Ambassador Berry highlighted the success of these health engagements, noting their substantial impact on improving the lives of many Namibians.

He said the collaborative efforts under PEPFAR have been lauded for their contribution to the substantial reduction of HIV/AIDS prevalence rates, enhancing the quality of life for those living with the virus, and preventing new infections.

This partnership is a testament to the potential of international cooperation in addressing global health crises.

Beyond the health sector, the United States has also been a key player in fostering economic development in Namibia through private sector investments.

American companies operating in Namibia have not only contributed to job creation but have also played a crucial role in the country’s economic growth.

According to Ambassador Berry, these investments emphasize the multifaceted nature of the Namibia-US relationship, extending beyond health initiatives to include significant economic ties.

He said the continued collaboration between Namibia and the United States exemplifies a shared commitment to enhancing the well-being and prosperity of their citizens.

Ambassador Berry said that the broadening and deepening of this partnership will yield substantial benefits for both nations, driven by mutual interests and a shared vision for a healthier, more prosperous future.

The Namibia-US partnership, particularly through initiatives like PEPFAR and various economic engagements, stands as a beacon of international collaboration.

It highlights the positive impact that concerted efforts and shared goals can have on addressing global challenges and advancing development agendas.

The ambassador said that the enduring alliance is set to bring about transformative changes, promising a brighter horizon for all involved.

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