Man accidentally shot in hope of getting buffalo meat

Eba Kandovazu

THE Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Forestry, says a 38- year-old man who was accidentally shot on Wednesday while officials were trying to put down a stray and aggressive buffalo, was most likely hoping to be one of the first public members to get meat once the buffalo was put down.

According to the Ministry’s Spokesperson, Romeo Muyunda, the incident happened at Mbwata village in the Ndiyona constituency of the Kavango East region. He says officials from the ministry, and Namibia Defense Force Anti-poaching operation officials, were hunting down the buffalo, which he says was wounded.

“Community members were informed and warned of the dangers and potential risk of this operation prior to the hunt, and were requested to stay away from the area of operation. It is unfortunate that this request was not adhered to as some people flocked to the area where the team searching for the buffalo, understandably with hope to be the first ones to get meat once the buffalo was put down,” Muyunda says.

Muyunda explains the buffalo charged towards officials during the operation, prompting one of them to shoot it.

“Unfortunately, a stray bullet hit the deceased. The ministry regrets this incident, which is purely accidental and offers its condolences to the family and the entire community for this loss. Further investigation is being conducted by the relevant authorities.”


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