Martin Pombili on the power of his dreams

Jordan Sinvula

“My journey to where I stand now in this industry wasn’t an easy one. I’ve been rejected countless times, I’ve written concepts and proposals that were rejected and at times I’ve not gotten recognition I deserve. But I kept moving,” says local media personality Martin Pombili.

He is also an award winning comedian, influencer and actor, originally from Okeeke, Ogongo in the Omusati Region. Martin has made a name for himself in skits, on social media and in the social circles of Namibia’s ‘Who’s who’s’.

“I believe in the power of my dreams but believe even more in my potential to achieve all of them,” he says, adding that being a public figure isn’t easy work.

“It comes with so many ups and downs, love and hate. I like the love I receive, because it comes with so many opportunities and outweighs the criticism.” He notes.

Martin Pombili says he came to Windhoek to pursue tertiary studies and discovered his talent while doing so.

Right now he has over 100 000 followers on Instagram alone, who keep up with his comedy skits and antics and who have helped him further his brand as a bankable name.

He recently worked with local companies Top Score and Momentum Metropolitan Namibia in campaigns that have proven that the big guys have faith in and want to work with local talent.

“It’s really heart warming to know that local corporate companies acknowledge and recognize local, young talents. They empower us by giving us a chance to work and affiliate our brands with them,” he says.

He adds that though he has not reached all of his goals just yet, he has figured out how to keep growing and improving.

“Before any other person does, you should believe in yourself! Always remind yourself how great you are and how much better you can become. Embrace your talent but beyond every other thing, work hard and knock on those very same doors that always reject you!” He says.

He notes that doing what he can to leave a mark wherever he goes and prioritizing his brand are two things that have never failed him.

And when it comes to his brand, he does not play around. Bump into the creative anywhere and you will see him looking polished. He attends events, especially fashion shows, ready to show up, show out and make a statement.

Fashion isn’t something that he was always interested in, but he recently fell in love with it.

“What I put on and how I put it on, matters to me because I believe what you wear is a reflection of your inner mood,” he expresses.

This year the influencer has a lot in store. He’s putting together some concepts, diversifying his brand and putting himself out there across the continent. The dreams are big and the grind seems to be even bigger. He says that nothing will stop him.

“I’m blessed with one great thing; the ability to completely protect my peace by blocking negative energy.”

He advises anyone wanting to follow in his footsteps to not be hesitant.

“I’d say do it. Just do it!”

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