Mbumba denies saying young people will not win elections

Stefanus Nashama

Vice President Nangolo Mbumba has disputed reports alleging that he said young people will never win elections.

However, a daily newspaper reported on Tuesday that the Vice President said the youth are forming political parties along tribal and regional lines, and that they will never win national elections to run the country.

Moreover, Mbumba also denied announcing his retirement plans without naming a specific date, as reported by the daily.

According to a media statement released yesterday by Mateus Kaholongo, the Executive Director in the Office of the Vice President, the article says Mbumba remarked “People did not die in the struggle for independence for their families or regions,”.

Kaholongo said the Vice President is appointed by the President in terms of Article 28 of the Namibian Constitution and serves at the pleasure of the President, therefore, it is “unusual and strange” for the Vice President to announce his retirement plans at a public meeting.

Kaholongo stated that Mbumba said he will not run for any government position after the end of his term of office.

Kaholongo further stated that the Vice President does not need to give a specific date about his retirement.

“It is common knowledge that the current administration ends its tenure on 21 March 2025,” Kaholongo indicated in the statement.

He also explained that it is not only the Vice President who has indicated that he will not run for office after 2025 but that other leaders serving in the Government of Namibia have indicated the same.

Kaholongo has since described the article published by the daily newspaper as malicious and nothing but a mere figment of the author’s imagination.

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