Namandje offers N$100,000 scholarships to deserving students

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The Sisa Namandje Foundation has awarded Scholarships to 13 students, covering tuition fees, accommodation, and other basic needs.

“Ordinarily the foundation provides financial educational assistance already during the year. However, the founder this year availed N$ 100 000 to assist students who are at institutions of higher learning. In order to impact many lives, we catered to the students’ different needs instead of just dividing the amount amongst them,”

Chairperson of the Foundation, Taimi Ileka -Amupanda said.

According to lleka-Amupanda, the scholarship advertisement has attracted more than 300 applicants and will help the students once-off with their basic needs, including housing and tuition.

“The assistance amounts vary as it depends on their individual needs. Some needed to settle an outstanding balance, registration or text book money. The assistance is once off unless of course they reapply at the next opportunity that the foundation advertises.

For instance, the students that are performing academically well but do not have taxi money are also catered for,” Ileka-Amupanda said.

She added that the students will not be required to work for the foundation after they complete their studies.

Sisa Namanjde, at the handing over said the goal of the assistance is to encourage the students and show that difficult circumstances shouldn’t get in the way of their success.

“Almost on a daily basis, we get students from NUST, IUM, UNAM, and all over the country. We give them the smallest we can give to all these kids, and of course, there is a requirement that people be well-performing students.

We are doing that so that we can motivate them that your difficult circumstances should not make it difficult but for you to excel, “Namandje said.

Moreover, the foundation is also assisting an 11-year-old girl who made headlines earlier this year after being abused by a caretaker.

Namandje committed to cater for her essential needs for the next five years.

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