Mbumba must address key legislation when National Assembly resumes

Martin Endjala

Following the recent passing of President Hage Geingob, Namibia’s newly inaugurated President Nangolo Mbumba, is set to address critical pending legislation as the National Assembly resumes later today.

This comes amid heightened anticipation for the Ninth Session of the Seventh Parliament, according to Parliament member John Likando.

Likando highlighted President Mbumba’s extensive legislative background across various government roles before his tenure as Vice President, expressing confidence in Mbumba’s familiarity with the bills awaiting his approval.

“Given his comprehensive understanding of the legislative process, we are optimistic about his approach to the gender-based violence bill introduced last year, among other pressing matters,” Likando noted.

This legislation, which addresses issues including the global stance on homosexuality and aims to maintain Namibian cultural norms by prohibiting same-sex marriage, is particularly significant.

The agenda for the upcoming session includes not only the gender-based violence bill but also the magistrate bill, currently under review by the National Council.

Expected to pass within the week, this legislation focuses on safeguarding the rights and properties of individuals, particularly in preventing the unwarranted repossession of movable properties by banks.

Likando also emphasized the importance of the electoral amendment bill, pending the President’s review.

This bill is crucial for outlining the framework for the forthcoming national and presidential elections scheduled for November this year.

Additionally, the session is set to deliberate on various parliamentary standing committee reports and international reports that align with national objectives, aiming to reflect the realities of communities across Namibia’s 14 regions and propose actionable recommendations.

Urging the legislative body to unite beyond political differences, Likando called for a collaborative effort to ensure that citizen-focused bills are thoroughly debated, passed, and implemented.

“It is imperative for our development and societal progress that we address these issues head-on,” he added.

This year’s session, themed “Improved Public Engagement to Meet the Expectations of Citizens,” stresses the government’s commitment to transparency and public participation.

President Nangolo Mbumba is scheduled to officially inaugurate the session in accordance with Rule 15 of the Standing Rules and Orders of the National Assembly later today.

The resumption of the National Assembly at this time is a significant moment for Namibia as it seeks to navigate a full legislative agenda amidst national mourning.

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