President Geingob transcended party politics or tribal affiliations – Kauandenge

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

The National Unity Democratic Organisation’s (NUDO) Secretary General, Joseph Kauandenge has described former President Hage Geingob, as an astute politician, a strong man who tried to transcend beyond party politics or tribal affiliations aiming to be a Namibian first before anything else.

He added that the late President’s mantra of “One Namibian House” and “Harambee” still rang true until his last breath.

Kauandenge said this yesterday while conveying his condolences to the Geingob family and the entire Namibian nation.

He said NUDO credits the late President for his foresightedness and resolve to take on the mighty German Government, at a time when it was not fashionable to do so when he spearheaded the Genocide debate and went to great lengths to force Germany to recognize that genocide did indeed take place in Namibia in 1904.

“Granted we had and still have our disagreements with him on how this issue was approached and handled by his government, however, what we cannot take away from him is the resolve and fortitude to bring this issue to the international arena, for that we thank him.

We equally thank the late President for recognizing the immense Contribution of the late Paramount Chief of the Ovaherero People Chief Hosea Kutako, by erecting a shrine at his homestead in Aminuis, when there was too much opposition to the idea, yet he stood firm and did everything in his power for this dream to be realized.

Nudo thus pays tribute to a giant, a man who enjoyed life to the fullest and yet remained true to his principles and convictions of One Namibia, while embracing our diversity he moved with precision and commitment to make sure that Namibia comes first above everything else,” said Kauandenge.

Kauandenge added that Geingob lived under many tribulations throughout his life, the ups and downs of the political life and journey, yet he remained steadfast in his belief that one day he would be President of Namibia, and that dream became true for two consecutive terms.

“He departed in the middle of the night when Namibians and the world were asleep, only he knew what he went through, as the last days could not have been easy both in the body and spirit. We have lost an exceptional icon, an outstanding revolutionary who dedicated his life to the pursuit of freedom, justice and equality for his people. A giant tree has fallen its fruit never to be eaten again.

We owe a great debt to President Hage Geingob who truly believes that democracy must be cherished and protected at all cost, irrespective of our disagreements at times. Prosperity must and will determine the President’s place in the annals of history, but for Nudo and its rank and file he was a beacon of hope of good governance, a believer in peace and stability in a continent prone to Military coups,” expressed Kauandenge.

He said President Geingob was indeed larger than life, a visionary leader who was born and not made, and he was born to lead from an early age. He moved heaven and earth to make sure Namibia had a world-renowned constitution.

“Indeed, he had moved full circle and it is time to rest peacefully now. He had a political clout second to none, that we will miss until we meet again in the afterlife as we all are mortal beings and we will depart Mother Earth when the time comes. Moreover, he had an aura or a distinctive and persuasive quality of a character, that is hard to find anywhere else,” Kauandenge concluded.

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