Media should “leave Swapo business alone” – Shaningwa

Tujoromajo Kasuto

SECRETARY General (SG) of the Swapo Party of Namibia, Sophia Shaningwa, says the media fraternity should leave Swapo business alone and stop trying to be part and privy to the SGs explicit functions and duties.

Shaningwa further points out that her ill treatment by members of the media fraternity is a response to the hostility she has experienced from the media and the allegations they have made about her. However, she remains tight lipped on completion of the party’s headquarters and if whether it will be hosting the Seventh Elective Congress there.

“You people are allergic to Swapo Party, so I am allergic to you too, leave Swapo Party business in the hands of the SG, you will get the information when it is due.”

Regarding finances and the expected complete construction of the headquarters she says it is “not your business” adding that she does not disclose party affairs to strangers, and if people want to know certain details, they should present a Swapo membership card to her.
“Your Swapo membership card, yearly payment to Swapo Party and one percent contribution will get you what you need as I will be talking to a member.”
Shaningwa thinks the media was “hostile” when the construction of the headquarters was announced questioning why the media fraternity wants to make the matter “news”?
“You people never appreciated the appearance, the construction of the building thus I don’t believe it must be your news this time around, as when the inauguration happens the SG will sent out her invitations, and you will know then,” says Shaningwa.
She is aware that papers sell more when there is her face on the front page. This comes as the SG over the years has built a strong reputation on deflecting media inquiries and as a response to this she maintains that “why should I be nice to you when you are hostile to me? When you come to me and I know your face, then you will get the right answers,” as she mentions that she gets easily irritated.

The headquarters understandably a fully functional, modern eight stories office complex to accommodate the office of Former President, Sam Nujoma, and office for current party President, Hage Geingob, amongst others, with also a 170-vehicle parking lot.
The construction of the headquarters sparked controversy among the country’s citizens, dismayed over the ruling party’s decision to build a modern complex opposite a crumbling state hospital, the Katutura State Hospital.

The N$730 million building was handed to a Chinese company, Unik Construction Engineering and construction work commenced in June 2019.


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