Media union insist charges against New Era editor be dropped despite reinstatement

Erasmus Shalihaxwe

Namibia Media Professionals’ Union (NAMPU) Acting Secretary General Jemima Beukes, says the union has welcomed the reinstatement of New Era Newspaper Managing Director Johnathan Beukes, following his suspension in September 2023, and returned to work yesterday.

However, the media union is not satisfied with the fact that despite Beukes going to work, the charges that got him suspended have still not been dropped and he is still facing a disciplinary hearing.

“We commend the decision by the New Era leadership to heed our calls for his return, affirming the importance of a free and robust press in our democratic society.

However, we reiterate our demand for promptly dismissing frivolous charges against Mr. Beukes. Ensuring that journalists can carry out their duties without unwarranted hindrances is crucial. NAMPU stands unwavering in our commitment to protecting the rights and professional integrity of media practitioners in Namibia,” urged Jemima.

She said this incident emphasises the need to foster a conducive journalistic environment for critical and independent reporting, devoid of fear or favour. Journalists, as guardians of transparency, accountability, and democracy, require unfettered support. NAMPU reaffirms its dedication to nurturing an atmosphere that promotes responsible journalism.

“We further extend our gratitude to all stakeholders involved in the reinstatement process for acknowledging the importance of media freedom and the public’s right to information. NAMPU believes in the importance of strong and independent media, which is essential for a thriving democracy. We pledge to persistently advocate for the rights and welfare of media professionals in Namibia.

In conclusion, we reiterate calls to ensure the immediate resolution of this matter by dropping unsubstantiated charges against Mr. Beukes. Let this incident serve as a reminder of the collective responsibility to safeguard press freedom and uphold the crucial role of journalists in shaping an informed and democratic society we aspire to,” stated Jemima.

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