MVA donates medical equipment to Oshakati Intermediate Hospital

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund has bestowed Oshakati Intermediate Hospital with a noteworthy donation of medical equipment valued at N$388 146.

This philanthropic gesture aims to fortify government-driven healthcare initiatives.

The contribution encompasses cutting-edge medical equipment, from patient monitors and oximeters to stretcher trolleys, spine boards, neck collars, and other vital essentials. The donation is poised to substantially augment the hospital’s diagnostic, treatment, and patient care capabilities.

The MVA’s Chief Executive Officer, Rosalia Martins-Hausiku reiterated the Fund’s dedication to advancing medical services at Oshakati Intermediate Hospital.

“Healthcare is a cornerstone of societal well-being, and the MVA Fund is honoured to play a role in advancing medical services at the Oshakati Intermediate Hospital,” stated Martins-Hausiku.

She emphasised the Fund’s commitment to supporting government initiatives and enhancing healthcare standards for the greater community.

The Medical Superintendent of Oshakati Intermediate Hospital Doctor Ruben Kanime, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the generous donation.

“Your donation alleviates financial burdens for our hospital, enabling us to allocate our limited resources towards improving other aspects of patient care,” remarked Kanime, emphasising the crucial role such support plays in delivering optimal healthcare.

The donated medical equipment is expected to enhance the hospital’s diagnostic and treatment capabilities and alleviate financial constraints, allowing for a more comprehensive focus on patient care.

The initiative aligns seamlessly with MVA Fund’s corporate social investment policy and broader mission to contribute to the well-being of Namibians through active participation in community development projects, particularly in the healthcare sector.

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