Ministry not backing down on court challenge

Staff Writer

The Minister of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security says it’s not backing down from legal challenges currently before courts after it issued travel documents to twin daughters of same sex couple Phillip, Guillermo Delgado.

Executive Director of Home Affairs, Etienne Maritz, was quick to point out that, “the issued travel certificates do not confer Namibian citizenship on the twins and the issuance must not be construed to be a concession on the Minister’s part that the twins are Namibian citizens.”

The travel documents were issued after an applications for emergency travel certificates were received at the Namibian High Commission in South Africa on 21 April. This come after the High court last month had refused Lühl and the twins emergency travel documents to travel to Namibia from South Africa.

The emergency documents will enable the twins to come to Namibia.

The twin daughters were born in South Africa through surrogacy.

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