Still no answers on sunken vessel

Rose-Mary Haufiku

A year on, the Ministry of Works and Transport is still to provide answers as to what caused the sinking of a Hangana Seafood Company’s fishing trawler, Resplendent in the Atlantic Ocean.

The trawler, which had a 27 all Namibian crew, with 26 rescued, sank last February, leaving one crew member Captain Gordon Carlo lost at sea.

The captain’s remains still have not been found, with Hangana Seafood Company’s owner, Ohlthaver & List (O & L) Group having suspended the search, including ruling out efforts to acquire a remotely operated underwater vehicle. Public Relation Officer in Ministry of Works and Transport, Julius Ngweda, told the Windhoek Observer that investigations are still ongoing.

“The delays are in Walvis Bay, which is the one directly dealing with the investigation,” he said.

The ministry through its Directorate of Maritime Affairs has been investigating the matter, with insiders alleging the report had been finalised but has been sent to the interested parties for their input. On the day of the sinking, a search and rescue mission took place until dusk but they still didn’t find the missing captain. His close family members are reported to have been invited by Hangana to fly to the site where the incident occurred to view the area directly from the air, in an effort to help them come to terms with the event.

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