MTC supports police in the Otjozondjupa Region with equipment worth N$65 000

Martin Endjala

Through its corporate social responsibility, Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) donated equipment worth N$65 000 over the weekend to the Otjiwarongo police and Motor Vehicle Funds (MVA).

According to MTC’s spokesperson, John Ekongo, the donation made on Tuesday, aims to aid the police in the region to effectively execute its duty of enforcing law and order and to maintain traffic laws.

The donated items include reflective jackets, a power generator, extension reels, road cones, foldable chairs and tables, and rubber touches amongst others.

Ekongo said that despite having the world’s best road network, Namibia is still one of the countries with the highest motor vehicle accident fatality rate in Africa.

“Due to the detrimental nature of road carnage and following our constant engagement with the MVA fund on road safety, we have resolved to aid the Namibian traffic department as the authority tasked with a crucial role in enforcing traffic laws.

Each year, we lose loved ones in road crashes, and each life lost is a life too many. Thus, any support towards achieving a zero record of fatalities on our roads is invaluable,” said Ekongo.

He emphasised that this is not the first time the company has done this, adding that in 2017, the mobile operator donated cell phones to the Erongo region traffic law enforcement, a prevention commitment to reduce preventable deaths and injuries on the Namibian roads.

Otjozondjupa Regional Commander, Commissioner Heinrich Tjiveze, acknowledged the stakeholders, namely MTC and MVA, for valuing the shared purpose of keeping the national roads safe.

“Road carnage is detrimental and requires a collective effort to curtail it. The in-kind support will make it more possible for us to be visible 24/7 as we work to ensure compliance and safety on the Namibian road web,” said Tjiveze.

Meanwhile, MVA Fund representative, Daniel Mouton, stressed the need for collaborative efforts in curbing road accidents while calling on road users to always adhere to traffic rules.

Mouton said there is a need to constantly partner and implement preventative measures through public education and law enforcement.

He urged the public to use the 24-hour toll-free number “9682” to report accidents or report any violation of traffic rules and regulations.

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