Recruitment of new CEO at Namcol almost complete

Stefanus Nashama

The Minister of Education, Arts, and Culture, Anna Nghipondoka, says the recruitment process for the Namibia College Of Open Learning (Namcol) chief executive officer is nearing a conclusion.

The minister also revealed that a formal submission has been made to the ministry by the board.

Nghipondoka announced this in the National Assembly last week.

“The said recruitment is at an advanced stage, with a submission from Namcol’s board having been made to my office via our executive director requesting the approval of the remuneration package for the new CEO of Namcol,” Nghipondoka said.

The position became vacant in November 2023 when Heroldt Murangi went on retirement.

He served as the institution’s chief executive from 2007.

The minister revealed that the board had advised her to apply to the minister of finance and public enterprises, Iipumbu Shiimi, for exemption under section 40 of the Public Enterprises Governance Act (Act No.1 of 2019).

She added that these thresholds pertain to the remuneration levels for CEOs and senior managers of state-owned enterprises, as well as annual fees and sitting allowances for board members.

“I have requested the board to furnish me with further information that would enable my office to make an informed decision pertaining to their request,” she said.

Nghipondoka gave the Namcol board a deadline of 18 April 2024 to provide the necessary information.

Two weeks ago, Popular Democratic Movement Member of Parliament Hidipo Hamata, accused the education ministry of deliberately delaying the recruitment process, because executive director Sanet Steenkamp and her deputy Idah Bohn applied for the position. Neither of them was considered.

Both Steenkamp and Bohn denied ever applying for the position and advised that people should first verify their statements before putting them in the public domain.

Nghipondoka stated that no law requires Steenkamp or Bohn to inform her office about their career aspirations, and she is not obligated to know whether they apply for any job within or outside the ministry.

The minister, however, acknowledged that she was aware that one of the deputy directors responsible for lifelong learning, arts and culture was interviewed for the position.

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