Mulunga’s suspension extended until the end of September

Martin Endjala

The Board of Directors of the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (NAMCOR) have extended the suspension of its Managing Director Immanuel Mulunga, until 30 September 2023.

This comes after the company’s Directors stated on Friday that they have received further details and findings from an independent investigation concerning the matter at hand.

“In light of these findings, the Board will then deliberate and determine the most appropriate course of action,” said the Directors.

The Board further highlighted that it understands the interest and concerns regarding the matter of the Managing Director, and reassured that it remains committed to ensuring transparency and upholding the corporation’s integrity.

“NAMCOR will provide updates as necessary and when further information becomes available. We thank all stakeholders for their patience and understanding during this time, “said the Board.

Mulunga was suspended in April this year amidst allegations of an unauthorised payment of N$100 million for an oil block in Angola.

However, he was cleared by the Anti-Corruption Commission last month, which stated that he acted in the best interest of the state-owned enterprise and the country.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, NAMCOR’s Spokesperson Paulo Coehlo, told this publication that Mulunga has not been cleared by the board to return to work despite him being cleared by ACC.

“He is still confined to a disciplinary hearing while the company carries out its investigation and will only be cleared once outcomes have been finalised and if found not in the wrong,” said Coehlo.

In the meantime, Shiwana Ndeunyema sits at the helm of the state-owned enterprise as the Acting Managing Director, even though there were reports that he had stepped down. Which the Board refuted.

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