Geingob honors Cuban allies for contribution to Namibia’s freedom

Hertta- Maria Amutenja

President Hage Geingob paid tribute to the indomitable spirit of Namibia’s heroes and heroines who, 57 years ago at Ongulumbashe, embarked on a journey that altered the nation’s course towards independence from Apartheid South Africa.

He said this while marking the occasion of Heroes Day during the weekend in Windhoek.

Geingob recounted how brave Namibian sons and daughters chose the path of armed struggle, a decision that set Namibia on an irreversible trajectory towards freedom.

“This is the day on which the brave sons and daughters of our soil reached a point of no return and decided to walk down the path of armed struggle,” said Geingob.

The President highlighted the profound significance of this day, where the nation gathers to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of Namibia’s liberation.

“This is the day on which history was made. It is therefore of great significance that on this special day, when we commemorate those heroes and heroines who paid the ultimate sacrifice for Namibia’s freedom,” added.

Moreover, Geingob recalled the pivotal moment in Namibia’s history when the choice between submission to colonial oppression and the fight for freedom became stark.

Quoting former liberation struggle hero Eneas Peter Nanyemba, the President underscored the nation’s resolve to cross “rivers of blood” in the pursuit of freedom.

Highlighting the partnership between Namibia and Cuba, he emphasized the contribution of the Cuban internationalist fighters who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia combatants.

In President Geingob’s poignant address, Heroes Day became a testament to the unyielding spirit of Namibia’s heroes and heroines, and a salute to the unwavering friendship between Namibia and Cuba.

He said the deep and enduring friendship between Namibia and Cuba, Geingob paid tribute to the historic achievements of the Cuban people, drawing inspiration from the unwavering leadership of former Cuban President Fidel Castro.

“Namibia and Cuba share a long-standing bond of friendship and not even the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean that lies between our countries can break this enduring bond; for it is a bond forged through the blood of our fallen patriots and etched in the trenches of the battlefields of our struggle for freedom and independence,” he stated.

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