Murder accused Brit billionaire’s bail conditions relaxed ….As Prosecutor General’s decision is not ready

Eba Kandovazu

THE murder case of Harvey Boulter, the British billionaire accused of murdering his farm manager was postponed for the last time to April, pending a decision by Prosecutor General (PG), Martha Imalwa.

Imalwa is expected to decide whether or not Boulter is to be tried in the High Court for the murder of Gerhard van Wyk (54). She will also decide what charges Boulter will be tried on. It is anticipated that the case will be provisionally withdrawn if the PG’s decision is not ready at the next court appearance.

Boulter also had his bail conditions relaxed today when he appeared in the Kamanjab Magistrate’s court. Prior to his release on bail, Boulter has been hospitalized under police guard for hand injuries he sustained during the shooting.

Magistrate Immanuel Udjombala ordered that when Boulter leaves Windhoek, he should inform the investigating officer for how long he is leaving the district of Windhoek. He is allowed to leave Windhoek for a period not exceeding three months. Boulter will now also be allowed to communicate with the investigating officer about his movements through an email or his lawyer.

The 51-year-old Boulter payed N$500 000 bail, after the deceased family pleaded that he be granted bail as they feared they would suffer financial loss if the accused is incarcerated.

Meanwhile, Alta van Wyk, the deceased’s wife is currently embroiled in a controversial legal squabble, following claims that she requested N$55 million from Boulter through a South African law firm in July last year to change hwe witness statement.

It is reported that Namibian police could possibly charge her with obstructing and defeating the course of justice, and extortion.

A psychologist who testified during the bail application in favour of Boulter, Charine Glen-Spyron, says in a sworn statement that whilst seated outside at the Kamanjab Magistrate’s Court, she overheard Alta telling her sister that the statement she gave investigating officers about Boulter pointing a firearm to Gerhard’s head was a lie.

According to the psychologist, a teary Alta at the time also told her sister that she wanted to testify in court to correct her statement. Glen-Spyron also said Alta’s father approached her outside court and stated that the shooting was an accident and could have happened to anyone.

Former deputy minister of Information and Communication Techonology (MICT), Engelbrecht Nawatiseb, who is a friend to Boulter, also said in a statement that during a court adjournment at the bail application, he overheard Alta saying she would plead with the court to release Boulter on bail.

“I could hear Alta denying that she stated in her original statement to the police that Boulter was pointing a gun against the head of her late husband. She pointed out that she was surprised and perplexed at the fact that false representation was recorded in her original statement and that she was going to correct it when called upon to give evidence in court,” Nawatiseb says.

Boulter is represented by Kadhila Amoomo while Viviane Ndana represents the state. She says investigations are at an advanced stage, with only laboratory results pending.


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