Woman accused of infanticide referred for mental evaluation

Eba Kandovazu

A 26-year old woman, who earlier this week reportedly killed her newborn baby and removed the intestines will undergo psychiatric evaluation.

Joolokeni Haipinge, who was employed as a stay-in nanny was arrested after her employer smell something bad around the house.

Investigations found that the suspect killed the newborn baby girl, covered the body with plastic bags and hid him/her in her closet. It is reported that Haipinge, after cutting stomach removed the intestines and threw them in the dustbin.

The police found the remains in the house in Windhoek’s Rocky crest. Haipinge faces charges of murder and defeating the course of justice.

State Prosecutor, Victoria Likius, objected to the granting of bail, saying investigations are still at an early stage and that the suspect will possibly interfere with investigations. The matter returns to court next month. Haipinge’s rights to a formal bail application have been explained. She has, in the meantime, opted to apply for legal aid. She is detained at the Otjomuise Police Station.

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