Mushelenga advocates for a patriotic nation

Stefanus Nashama

Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Peya Mushelenga, has urged the Namibian people to be patriotic.

Mushelenga was speaking at the launch of the National Symbol Campaign in the Ohangwena Region yesterday and said that Namibians can only be united and proud of their country if they work towards a common goal and destiny.

“Patriotism and nationalism bind citizens together, striving for common good and collective aspirations,” he said. According to the Minister, the National Symbols Campaign is not just about flags and anthems, it is about patriotism.

He emphasised the National Symbol Campaign is about fostering unity, embracing diversity and working together.

“The National flag, anthem, coat of arms and other symbols are not merely symbols, they are the embodiment of our unity,” Mushelenga said.

He explained that when the nation stands united in patriotism, it transcends its differences, shuns negativism and embraces the power of collaboration.

The Minister pointed out that the National Symbols Campaign remains a vehicle for the people to triumphantly transform themselves into a greater Namibian nation.

“This of course will always remind us as a nation to never forget the importance of inclusivity,” he said.

He added that national symbols speak volumes to the treasured ethos of all Namibians and that these symbols are a torch of optimism and a fruit-bearing tree that brings shade to people of common vision.

“Let us use this campaign as an opportunity to engage every Namibian. Let us encourage them to take pride in our symbols and become bricklayers of a greater Namibian house in patriotism,” he encouraged.

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