MWT distances from NABTA factional squabbles

Martin Endjala

The Ministry of Works and Transport has distance itself from the Namibia Bus and Taxi Association ongoing factional leadership squabbles and would not favour one over the other.

Minister John Mutorwa said in his ministerial statement in the National Assembly that they are not in a position to choose between the Muunda and Nakathingo factions, as to which one is authentic.

Referring to Namibia’s Constitution, Mutorwa said that all persons have the right to freedom of association, which includes forming or joining associations or unions.

The minister informed the house that on 15 June 2022, he received a letter from Muunda faction, which stated that it has elected a new leadership at it congress held in February this year.

The ministry responded to the Muunda faction letter on 20 June 2022.

On the 29th June 2022, the Nakathingo faction publicly announced its own leadership on NBC TV 20h00 news bulletin, claiming to have been elected during itsexecutive committee meeting.

Mutorwa said that the MWT and the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation respect all associations and unions legally operating in the transport sector.

The two ministry’s together with their senior leadership attended a meeting on 18 May with NABTA leadership and bus and taxi operators, where it was ‘’unanimously’’ agreed that the association convenes an elective congress by no later than 30 June.

However, just ahead of the elective congress deadline the two unions announce separate leadership at purported congresses.

The minister said that they cannot be to play an independent arbitrator role in the faction squabbles and advice Nabta factions to either hold a legitimate congress of all its members or to approach the country’s ‘’impartial and independent courts of law’’ to resolve the leadership struggles.

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