My top 15 handbag essential

Robyn Nakaambo

How often have you heard men say “I don’t go into a woman’s handbag because they carry everything with them”? This saying is such a cliche that if ever men wondered exactly what women have in their bags, today would be the day I give them insight on what we carry.

Here are the 15 items my handbag can’t go without.

1. Purse

2. Tissues

3. Wet wipes

4. Lip care

5. Hand lotion

6. Mints and Gum

7. A smaller bag that contains sanitary products eg tampons, pads and pantyliners

8. A smaller bag that contains pain killers, eye drops and allergex

9. A hair brush

10. A Lipstick holder with pocket mirror

11. Deodorant and a mini Perfume (TIP: Every time you buy perfume try and get mini samples of your scent and carry those around in your handbag incase you need to re-scent during the course of the day)

12. Keys (Car keys and House keys)

13. Make up (powder and lash glue)

14. Dental Flossers

15. A wireless powerbank

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