Namibia and China reaffirm military collaboration

Martin Endjala

Namibia and China reaffirmed their military collaboration on Tuesday to share expertise and strengthen peaceful development.

This was done during the change in command of the People’s Liberation Army of China (PLAC), which saw the departure of Colonel Gao Peng, the defence attaché of China to Namibia.

Colonel Li Shujun will replace Peng.

Brigadier General Natanael Ngolo, the chief of the Defence Intelligence Directorate of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF), welcomed Shujun to Namibia.

Ngolo added that the working relations between the PLAC and the NDF serve as a solid foundation for exploring areas of common interest and sharing expertise.

“Over the years, we have witnessed the fruits of collaboration and mutual respect, which have strengthened our military capabilities and fostered greater understanding between our armed forces. We see new opportunities for cooperation that can further enhance our joint efforts in promoting peace and security in Namibia and the region,” he said.

Ngolo commended the contributions of Peng, describing him as a person who worked tirelessly to promote cooperation and understanding during his tenure in Namibia.

He also expressed confidence that Shujun will build upon Peng’s achievements and continue to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two countries and their armed forces.

Shujun, the incoming Chinese defence attaché, said that the friendship between China and Namibia has a long history.

Shujun highlighted that the PLAC and the NDF have a lot in common, as both countries have made indelible contributions to their country’s independence and development.

Moreover, Shujun indicated that both countries are constantly fighting to protect the stability of their nations, the happiness of their people, and world peace.

“It has been explicitly written into the Constitution of China. China has never provoked a war or conflict, nor has it ever invaded another country or taken an inch of land from others. No matter how strong it becomes in the future, China shall never threaten anyone, seek hegemony, or establish spheres of influence. But if attacked, we will counterattack,” said Shujun.

He reaffirmed China’s commitment to the path of peaceful development and stated that the Chinese military remains committed to safeguarding regional and global security and stability.

According to Shujun, his country actively supports United Nations peacekeeping operations and also participates in bilateral and multilateral security cooperation.

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