Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC) Demonstrates Commitment to Women’s Football with Generous Donation to Brave Gladiators

Windhoek, Namibia: The Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC) announced a substantial donation of N$ 200,000 to the Brave Gladiators last week. The funds are earmarked to bolster the team’s hygiene and sanitary needs during their international campaigns.
NDTC CEO Brent Eiseb, during the sponsorship announcement, emphasized the company’s dedication to empowering Namibian ambassadors who excel on the global stage. He acknowledged the financial challenges faced by women’s football in Namibia, asserting that such limitations hinder the growth and performance of the national team.
“Women’s football in Namibia is one of the least financially supported sport codes, impacting its growth and the performance of the national team. Our investment in women’s football is not just about scoring goals but also about inspiring the next generation of female athletes in Namibia,” stated Eiseb.
Eiseb went on to highlight the significance of the Brave Gladiators’ victories, stating that their triumphs resonate far beyond the pitch and echo in the hearts of every Namibian, instilling a sense of national pride that transcends borders.
“By sponsoring the Namibia Women’s National Football Team, we are investing in the dreams and aspirations of these athletes who are not merely players but also trailblazers, and breaking barriers,” he added.
The N$ 200,000 sponsorship was allocated to support the team’s hygiene and sanitary products, with N$ 20,000 specifically earmarked for this purpose. The remaining amount will be distributed among the 34-member squad that represented Namibia in the Olympic qualifiers and African Nations Cup qualifiers from August to October 2023.
Eiseb concluded by affirming that the achievements of women players on the field should be celebrated akin to the precious diamonds for which Namibia is renowned. He stressed the importance of ensuring that the dreams and aspirations of these athletes are not only valid but also realized.

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