Namibia must remain united and peaceful – Mbumba and Katjavivi urge

Niël Terblanché

In an emotional tribute to President Hage Geingob, close friends and political allies President Nangolo Mbumba and Speaker of the National Assembly, Professor Peter Katjavivi have opened up about their deep connections with the leader whose passing has plunged the nation into mourning.

In an exclusive interview with the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, the duo shared memories of their longstanding friendship with Dr Geingob, dating back to their shared experiences during the struggle for Namibia’s liberation.

Born in the same year, 1941, the trio shared not just a birth year but a vision for Namibia that saw them through the toughest of times, including the fight for independence.

President Mbumba’s acquaintance with Dr. Geingob began in 1967 in New York, blossoming into a bond forged in the crucible of Namibia’s liberation struggle.

This friendship, according to President Mbumba, was more than just a mere association; it was a brotherhood of shared ideals and dreams for their homeland.

The narrative of their last moments with Dr Geingob paints a picture of unity and shared destiny until the very end.

President Mbumba reflects on the ominous events leading up to Dr Geingob’s departure to the United States for medical treatment on January 26, which culminated in his passing on 4 February 2024.

“The loss of Dr Geingob, just four minutes past midnight, marked not only the end of an era but also the shattering of a trio that stood together through Namibia’s most challenging times,” Mbumba said.

As Namibia entered a period of deep mourning, President Mbumba called on all Namibians to unite in their grief, highlighting the importance of solidarity in the face of loss.

He reminded the nation of their collective responsibility to support Dr. Geingob’s widow, Madame Monica Geingos and the family during this difficult time.

Professor Katjavivi’s recollection of personal losses and the support shared among friends added a layer of emotional depth to the tribute.

His reflection on the conversations with Dr Geingob about unity, peace, and the future of Namibia resonated with the nation’s current sentiment.

At the end of the interview, the message from both President Mbumba and Professor Katjavivi was clear: “Namibia must remain united and peaceful, honouring the memory of Dr Hage Geingob by continuing the work he dedicated his life to.”

Both expressed the hope that the nation will keep holding hands as it navigates through this period of sorrow while also demonstrating to the world the strength of the Namibian spirit and unity of the nation.

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