Namibia Sports Commission Holds General Assembly with Federation and Umbrella Bodies

The General Assembly of the Namibia Sports Commission, in collaboration with various federation and umbrella bodies, convened on Saturday at the Arebbusch Lodge on the outskirts of Windhoek, marking a significant gathering of stakeholders in the country’s sports landscape.

The event brought together representatives from 34 out of the 59 sports codes registered with the sports commission. Officially opened by Hon. Agnes Tjongarero, Minister of Sports, Youth, and National Service, the assembly was characterized by a call for full attendance from registered members, with a warning of potential deregistration for those absent.

Throughout the day, various speakers addressed the assembly on pertinent issues facing Namibian sports. Prof. Chris Wilder, Chairperson of the NSC Board, emphasized the need for the professionalization of sports and urged members to enhance the efficiency of their respective federations to elevate the status of sports in the country.

Ms. Jo-ann Manuel shared insights into the budget cycle of the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service, and emphasized the importance of adhering to timelines when organizing events to avoid last-minute complications. She stressed the necessity of following established protocols when engaging with the Ministry and the Sports Commission, echoing the sentiments expressed by the Minister in her opening remarks regarding the importance of due process.

The afternoon session focused on a training workshop on good governance in sports, featuring presentations from two Namibian experts, Mr. Isack Hamata and Mr. Mathew Haikali. Their insights provided valuable perspectives on sports governance in Namibia, highlighting the importance of transparent and effective management structures within sporting organizations.

The General Assembly served as a platform for collaboration, dialogue, and capacity building within Namibia’s sports community, highlighting the collective commitment to advancing the development of sports across the country.

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