Namibia to receive a donation of 1m doses of sinopharm from China in tranches

Martin Endjala

The Ministry of Health and Social Services (MOHSS) Executive Director (ED) Ben Nangombe, has confirmed in conversations with Windhoek Observer today that, the People’s Republic of China, has pledged to donate one million vaccine doses of sinopharm to Namibia, to mitigate the covid-19 pandemic.

The donation is expected to be delivered in tranches during this year.

Nangombe expressed appreciation for the continued demonstration of solidarity and support that the government of the People’s Republic of China has shown over the years,
‘’It is very commendable’’ he said.

This is the second donation of sinopharm vaccines that China gives to Namibia. The first one was made in March last year.

No other pledges were made, but Nangombe did not rule out the possibility of more donations to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, “Donations of other materials cannot be ruled out,” he said.

The donation, he continued, comes at the right time, “as we work to boost Covid-19 uptake in Namibia.”

The donation will improve and ensure sustained supply of Covid-19 vaccines to all people within the borders of the Republic of Namibia, “as we aim for herd immunity”, he emphasised,

This is a vital contribution in the effort of protecting people against the severe effects of disease, said Nangombe.

“I encourage all people to appreciate this gesture and the availability of this Covid-19 vaccine and get vaccinated to avoid severe disease, hospitalization and death.”

It is just the right time to boost the immune system in preparation for the winter season, where Covid-19 infection rate tends to rise, Nangombe adviced..

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