Namibian woman stabbed to death in England

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

A 22-year-old Namibian woman named Claudia Kambanza died in the city of Hull in England, United Kingdom after sustaining fatal stab wounds.

The incident, which occurred in the early hours of 26 January 2024, has led to a murder investigation, with a 28-year-old Namibian man, Mateus Johannes, now in custody and facing charges of murder.

According to Humberside Police, officers were called to Hinderwell Street around 03h00 after reports emerged that a woman had been stabbed. Despite efforts by medical professionals, Kambanza succumbed to her injuries shortly after being taken to the hospital.

The police have revealed that the victim and the suspect, both Namibians, were known to each other, and the incident is believed to be an isolated one with no broader threat to public safety.

According to reports Humberside Police, Superintendent Al Curtis, leading the major crime team, offered reassurance to the community, stating, “I understand that an incident like this will cause shock and concern amongst the community. I would like to offer some reassurance that this is believed to be an isolated incident between individuals known to each other with no wider risk to members of the public.”

Revelations from a source close to both indicate that Kambanza and Johannes were in a romantic relationship. However, suspicions of infidelity led Mateus to take drastic measures.

It is alleged that during a week-long stay at his employer’s residence, Mateus allegedly discovered through accessing Kambanza’s phone that she was involved in conversations with other men and engaging in activities for financial gain.

In the wake of this discovery, Mateus is reported to have confronted Kambanza, leading to a confrontation that resulted in her being fatally stabbed.

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