Swakop Uranium donates N$100 000 to Nossobville Primary School

Martin Endjala

Swakop Uranium’s social responsibility foundation last week donated N$100,000 towards the construction of the Nossobville Primary School’s hall in Gobabis, showcasing its commitment to education and childhood development.

The N$100, 000 to the Nossobville school is aimed at the school’s hall renovation project. After the school took the initiative to renovate the hall through parent and community members’ monthly monetary contributions.

Swakop Uranium then decided to come on board to support the commendable efforts of the community to complete the project for the benefit of all.

At the handover ceremony held at the school in Gobabis, Percy McCallum, Swakop Uranium Foundation Chairperson said, that the Foundation is an integral part of the company, and they are assisting the company to build a long-lasting positive legacy.

“We are meeting with poor and needy communities, and helping them to create sustainable opportunities for job creation in the long term,” said McCallum.

“If the children are our future, then there is no greater way to invest in the future other than investing in our children, and thus I would like to thank Swakop Uranium Foundation for being very generous, extremely generous one would say, for not only investing in the Namibian child but for the betterment of our school,” said Uapeua Ueitele, Principal of the Nossobville Primary School.

Meanwhile, the Acting Deputy Director of Education, in the Omaheke Region, Katunovandu Kavari commended Swakop Uranium for a generous donation. Further emphasising that Swakop Uranium responded immediately to the request for the benefit of the children.

The Swakop Uranium Foundation’s investing in education campaign falls under the Foundation’s pillar of Education and Childhood Development.

By investing in education, especially at the primary school level, the Foundation is actively contributing to the development of future leaders and fostering a culture of learning and growth.

Furthermore, Swakop Uranium is the biggest employer in the Mining Industry and has reaffirmed its commitment to education by embarking on an investing in Education campaign for 2024.

This campaign will target schools in several regions of the country that require assistance with renovation projects and feeding schemes.

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