Nampol has no budget for more recruits

Stefanus Nashama

The Namibian Police needs to recruit more police officers but is unable to do so at the moment due to budgetary constraints.

The Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Joseph Shikongo confirmed the dilemma in an interview with the Windhoek Observer yesterday.

Shikongo stated that he has taken note of the high unemployment rate in the country, but reiterated that at the moment it is not possible to advertise more posts at the moment as funds are not able to cover the salaries and other services.

“Increasing the number of current recruits is not a problem. Yes, we need more police officers to join Nampol but we cannot increase the number due to the funds available,” he said.

Shikongo however revealed that the Namibian Police is expected to recruit more cadets next year, but that he does not know the number of recruits the force will take.

“According to my sources we are recruiting again next year because we need police officers, but I do not know the number we will take since the budget for next year may differ,’ he emphasized.

Shikongo explained that Nampol makes recruitments based on the budget available, adding that if anyone can help with the funds Nampol will increase the current number of recruits.

He also said that if the Nampol is to increase the current number of recruits it will have to source funding from elsewhere.

He said Nampol also considers the disadvantaged people and marginalized communities that come on the board, which becomes a challenge if the fund is not sufficient.

“Maybe we will increase the number but that will ask us to borrow funds somewhere. But we will see,” he said.

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