Namwandi urges graduates to create jobs

Stefanus Nashama

The founder of the International University of Management (IUM), David Namwandi, has encouraged graduates to create wealth and employment, despite the slim job market.

He made the remarks at the 30th IUM graduation ceremony of over 2 300 students on Friday.

“If you cannot implement what you have learned in the university, then you are not educated. Although the market is tight, it is still absorbing people. The only animal we don’t want in our market is corruption,” he told the graduates.

Despite not receiving government subsidies, Namwandi revealed that the institution has chosen to expand its infrastructure in Windhoek and other regions.

Namwandi further highlighted that the university wants to share its resources with students by providing them with the best infrastructure.

IUM will open its doors in Enhana by 2025, although the centre’s inauguration will be held this year.

He also disclosed that the university is in the process of constructing a research centre in Swakopmund, set to open and inaugurate this year.

“Some say that we can make it because we get subsidies from the government. I want to make it clear that IUM doesn’t get any subsidies from the government. We expect any subsidies from the government. We want to live within our means because we know the government has many responsibilities. So we can’t afford to stretch the government further,” he said.

IUM competes globally, with more than 19,500 students enrolled at the institution.

“Winners concentrate on winning, and losers concentrate on the winners. It is determination and courage that make people grow. IUM is the only institution that dedicated itself to management; others copied from us,” he stressed.

The university’s chancellor, Bishop Shekutamba Nambala, encouraged graduates to dedicate themselves to hard work as they prepared to enter the job market.

He reminded them about the challenges and obstacles that may be in their way.

“You cannot succeed if you are just sitting there doing nothing. Nothing valuable is offered on a silver platter. Therefore, you cannot expect to graduate if you are failing,” he stressed.

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