NamWater seeks its N$1.5 billion

Andrew Kathindi

NamWater has revealed that it’s owed N$1.5 billion nationally, with local authorities being the largest debtors.

NamWater Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Abraham Nehemia, told Windhoek Observer that some of the debts owed to them are backdated by nearly ten years.“I have written all of them letters. It’s a demand letter waking up the other party to honour their obligations,” he said.

The NamWater CEO further refuted claims that the lack of water in Katima Mulilo in the Zambezi region was a result of NamWater disconnecting the local authority.

“There was a misrepresentation of facts in Katima. We have a reservoir, which supplies water to the town of Katima. That reservoir was full at about 85 percent. Katima Town Council has a pump station which they use to pump water from our reservoir to supply to the residents.”

“The electricity tripped in the middle of the night and their pumps went off and nobody woke up to go and switch the pumps on. Water was there. It’s not a NamWater issue at all, now they’re saying NamWater cut off water and Shoprite burned. There’s no link between the two.”

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