Nandi-Ndaitwah’s support was for the youth-Nekongo

Obrein Simasiku

Swapo Party Youth League (SPY) Secretary General, Ephraim Nekongo, says his support for Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah when vyingn for the Vice Presidency was not in return for any material gain or ministerial position.

“My support was based on the principles, capabilities and competency of our next leader. Therefore as young people, we needed someone with wisdom to carry us forward, and that did not necessarily mean I was against fellow youth as it was perceived. Rather, when we campaigned we implored the VP to surround herself with the youth because those are the energetic people to execute any given task, while her duty is to provide a positive direction, as a tested leader she knows the way,” says Nekongo.

“We urged her [Netumbo] that the youth should be the future who should assist her in delivering this country to a greater height. Her cabinet should have youth representation, but young people should not construe leadership positions as only being on the highest point of authority. For instance, in the Central Committee and Politburo, we have some youthful people, the likes of Wilhelm Amutenya, Marius Sheya, Hofni Iipinge and Christine Haindaka. Some of them we differed in preferences. So now tell me, if our agenda was not advocating for the youth, would they be there? We could have decampaigned them, but that was not the motive, hence my continued appeal to say, unity should prevail now, as we look forward to 2024,” he adds appealing for peace and unity within the party.

Nekongo cautions fellow youth to be more concerned about their socio-economic wellbeing thein being preoccupied with more than fighting causing division and likely to weaken the party support system. “In the same vein as a youth, we should not allow ourselves to be used by the elders in their fights, likewise our leader must stop cascading their problems to us. Instead, their focus should be on providing leadership, and guidance and uniting the party for the betterment,” urged the youth leader.

Regarding talks of a an extraordinary congress in 2024 where and when Geingob is expected to step down, Nekongo appeals to all members to put such talks on hold until 2024. So that everyone redirects her/his energy to mend the broken relationships, and eventually make the party strong to be able to emerge victorious in the Presidential and National elections.

In as much as the just ended 7th elective congress was marred by controversies and flawed processes, Nekongo is asking everyone to respect the outcome, adding that whatever happened is a lesson to never have incapable people handle such affairs in future. Among others, the Presiding Officer, lawyer Joshua Kaumbi, was fingered for failing to verify the CC results, a situation that resulted in a mix-up of male and female names on the list, as well as the inclusion of some who did not make it.

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