Witbooi, LPM at loggerhead over appointments

Martin Endjala

Keetmanshoop Rural Constituency Councilor, Gerrit Witbooi, is in a standoff with his party, the Landless Peoples Party (LPM), with whom he is in disagreement regarding the appointment of officials on the regional council.

He disagree with those the party has recommended for appointment in two vacant positions of Deputy Director: Auxiliary Services and Administration and Deputy Director for Finances stating that the disagreement is not due to his deviation over the appointment of key senior leaders to the //Kharas Regional Council. He says it is unfair for the party to recommend those it has recommended while the positions have already been promised to those they have been promised to. “I love this party, which I am a co-founder, and everyone who knows me in Keetmanshoop, will tell you that I am a hard-working person, but the allegations and lies being spread about me are what will divide us and cause disunity, and discomfort, I only want the party to do what is right,” Witbooi says.

The councilor reiterates that he has nothing against the party, adding that if there are any differences of some sort, they can be sorted out within the party, however, he alleges that this matter has been exacerbated by certain people (LPM) who have gone into the community convincing people to talk lies about him and to ask him to vacate his position.

Witbooi emphasises that he has respect for authority, and if something is wrong it is wrong, if it is right it is right, and one must accept that. However, he indicates that the party has systems in place, in which all issues must be channeled through.

During the ordinary meeting, the Public Service Commission (PCS) recommended Quinton Visagie a former Keetmanshoop municipality employee for the Deputy Director of Finances and Bernd Both for the Deputy Director of Administration.

Meanwhile, in a statement released by the LPM dated 12 December, 2022, the party says the conduct of Witbooi, is irresponsible, lacks basic logic of political leadership and uncalled for. Despite its ongoing efforts to instill discipline amongst its political deployees, the councilor opts to defy party principles and has threatened to resign from the party for the past two consecutive years.

Witbooi refutes his party’s submission. A special ordinary meeting is said to take place next week to discuss and deliberate more on this matter. Despite, Witbooi remains in office. He says when he was elected as councilor, he is not only serving LPM but the people, hence he has no issues with anyone, adamantly stating that he will work with other political parties if it is in the best interests of the people, refuting claims of him working with Swapo, as a total lie.

“I have been here my whole life, I know these people, so how can I not work with them if it is for the betterment of the region, t does not make any sense to me at all”, he determines.

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