Nashua Namibia Partners with Cricket Namibia to Launch Junior Franchise Cricket Competition

Cricket Namibia has marked a historic moment in the country’s cricketing landscape with the launch of the Nashua Junior Franchise competition, aimed at nurturing young cricketing talent. The draft for this groundbreaking competition took place on April 4th at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, heralding a new era for youth cricket in the nation.

The draft saw 137 aspiring cricketers being selected into six teams, comprising three U14 teams and three U19 teams. Notable team owners, including Grove Mall, STADIO Higher Education, Ashburton Investments, and KFC, have come forward to support this initiative, demonstrating their commitment to the development of cricket at the grassroots level.

Cricket Namibia announced Nashua Namibia as the Tournament Sponsor for the U14 and U19 Junior Franchise competition. This partnership underscores a shared vision to foster the growth of cricket among Namibian youth and provide them with a platform to showcase their skills on a competitive stage.

The Nashua Junior Franchise competition offers a unique opportunity for young cricketers to hone their talents, particularly during a period when cricket is traditionally not played. With the participation of the best U14s and U19 cricketers in Namibia.

One of the primary objectives of the Nashua Junior Franchise is to serve as an integral part of Cricket Namibia’s talent identification process. By nurturing talent at the grassroots level,

Cricket Namibia aims to strengthen the talent pool feeding into the national men’s team, thereby ensuring sustained success in international cricket.

Michelle Sansom, representing Nashua Namibia, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to supporting youth sports in Namibia.

“By sponsoring the Junior Franchise tournament, we are investing in the future of Namibian cricket and providing opportunities for young players to fulfill their potential,” she remarked.

Cricket Namibia CEO, Johan Muller, extended his gratitude to Nashua Namibia and the team owners for their invaluable contributions to the development of cricket in the country.

“Your support is providing the youth of Namibia with a significant opportunity to nurture their talent and pursue their cricketing dreams,” he stated.

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