Ondangwa Town Council Boosts Local Sports Teams with N$93,000 Sponsorship

In a bid to bolster community development and support local sporting talent, the Ondangwa Town Council has extended a generous sponsorship to five football teams and one volleyball team, totaling N$93,000 worth of football and volleyball items.

The beneficiary teams include the SOS Volleyball Academy, the Ondangwa Soccer Academy, Young Braves Football Club, Ondangwa United Football Club, Mama Love Football Club, and KK Palace Football Club. This investment underscores the council’s commitment to nurturing grassroots sports and empowering youth within the region.

Mayor Paavo Amwele expressed gratitude towards the teams for their invaluable contribution to the town’s development, emphasizing the positive impact they have in steering young individuals away from negative influences.

“What you are doing through your teams is good; you are keeping the youths out of the streets, and away from bad influences. Keep up the good work, and let us work together in community development of our people,” Amwele commended.

Addressing KK Palace Football Club specifically, Mayor Amwele conveyed high hopes for their future endeavors. Drawing inspiration from the success of Chula Chula, a team representing the town in the premier league, Amwele urged KK Palace to aspire to similar heights.

“We have Chula Chula that has raised the bar and are now representing us in the premier league. So next season, there must be two or more teams from the North, one is you adding to Chula Chula,” he remarked, instilling confidence and motivation in the team to excel.

The sponsorship not only provides essential resources for the teams to enhance their training and performance but also serves as the council’s belief in the transformative power of sports in fostering community cohesion and individual growth. Through collaborative efforts between local authorities and sports entities, Ondangwa aims to cultivate a vibrant sporting culture and pave the way for aspiring athletes to shine on both regional and national platforms.


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