New APP parliament member sworn in

Tujoromajo Kasuto

THE All People’s Party (APP)’s Maria Sirombo Kamutali has been sworn in as member of the National Assembly (NA) today replacing late Ignatius Shixwameni who collapsed and passed on while on NA duties last month.

APP’s National Bureau (NB) deliberated and confirmed the gazetted Parliament party list on which Kamutali is third.

The NB, the second highest decision-making organ of the party met on the 11th of December in Okahandja.

Against the backdrop of the recent passing-on of Shixwameni, who was the APP’s President, the NB held this emergency consultative meeting, to amongst others, discuss the way forward to give assurance to their party members, supporters, sympathisers and the nation at large the leadership’s commitment and resolve to work as a collective for the interest and benefit of the party.

The NB also deliberated and confirmed as per Article 5 of the party constitution, for the Deputy President, Nangolo Shuumbwa, to act as President subject for endorsement by the Central Coordinating Committee (CCC). The decision is effective immediately.

The NB also deliberated and endorsed, subject to CCC approval, the Office of the Secretary for International Relations and Presidential Affairs in the Presidency, to be headed by Agapitus Hausiku to assist the Acting President in carrying out his duties.

The NB called for collective leadership and teamwork to ensure that the party is steered in the right direction, which they say can only be achieved through a dedicated team of cadres committed to serving the party selflessly at every structure of the party.

In statement issued this week, the party says mobilisation of structures in regions at constituency levels and the wings should be prioritised as of next year in preparation for the 2024 National Congress and National Election.

The NB further deliberated on the situation in the NA leading to the loss of the President. “We have received and taken the news on how the situation unfolded at parliament leading to the passing-on of our Party President with disbelief, shock and disappointment.”

They maintain they are dismayed that an institution mandated with legislative powers that there is no provision at Parliament for emergency response, and that a call for response would take more than 40 minutes putting lawmakers in danger.

“The leadership of the party is of the belief that the Party President succumbed on the premises of Parliament due to this negligent situation. The matter, if not addressed, puts others at risk and the party leadership is thus requesting the Office of the Speaker to inform this nation as to how an institution of this magnitude can operate without basic first aid services,” the statement reads.

The party leadership also seized this opportunity and expressed profound appreciation to President Hage Geingob for having accorded a State Funeral to the Party President.

The party leadership further express their profound gratitude and appreciation to the Founding Father, Sam Nujoma, and the former President, Hifikepunye Pohamba, for their messages of condolence delivered on their behalf at the funeral to console the family, the party and indeed the entire nation on the passing of their President.

Further appreciation and gratitude was expressed to the family of the late Shixwameni, the NANSO Veterans, St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Parish, colleagues, friends and the entire nation for their innumerable support during their period of mourning.

The party however is dissatisfied and disappointed with the manner in which state protocol conducted themselves where the party leadership and members were not treated in a dignified manner.


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