New appointments at CPBM

Staff Writer

The Central Procurement Board of Namibia (CPBN) on Monday announced the appointment of 14 new staff members to fill vacant positions at the body tasked with leading the procurement process on behalf of government.

Among those appointed are Saara Shapua who is now the CPBN’s Manager of Internal Procurement and Aune Ndeutepo who was appointed Manager of Finance and Administration.

This comes after the organization was engulfed in a tribalism storm last year after it was reported that allegedly non-Oshiwambo-speaking employees at the CPBN were being removed by a group within the organization for supposedly being “unamenable to corruptive practices”.

These claims were denied by the deputy chairperson of the CPBN, Lischen Ramakhutla, stating that employees (Oshiwambo-speaking or not) on short-term contracts not given permanent employment had failed the vetting process. The decision to vet had been made by the finance ministry, under which the procurement board falls.

CPBN did not respond to questions sent to them by Windhoek Observer by time of posting this article.

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