New born baby murdered and dumped

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

Several murder cases were reported over the long weekend, including an incident reported on Saturday, in which the lifeless body of a new born baby boy was found dumped in the bushes. Police said it is unclear when exactly the baby was dumped, but the incident happened at Ogongo settlement in Omusati region.
“It is alleged that the suspect hit a newly born baby boy on the head near the right ear with an unknown hard object which caused severe injury and resulted in the death of the baby. It is further alleged that the suspect dumped the body in the bushes with intent to defeat the course of justice. The body was discovered by a woman who was collecting empty disposed tins around the settlement, said the report.
No arrest has been made and the body was transported to Okahao police mortuary for a postmortem to be conducted.
In another incident, on the same day in Five-rand location, Okahandja, the 21 years old Titus Punyu Lukas died after he was allegedly stabbed once on the chest.
It is alleged that Lukas and his friends were involved in a street fight with other male friends when he was stabbed on the chest.
A 24-year-old Namibian male suspect has since been arrested.
Another incident took place on Friday where it is alleged that the 40 years old Henry Waters was stabbed to death by his brother in- law during a fight.
“It is alleged that the deceased hit his aunt with a fist in the face and when the aunt left the room, he turned to fight the suspect (his brother in law). It is further alleged that during the fight, the deceased stabbed the suspect on left shoulder and the suspect took the knife from the deceased and stabbed him with it once in the chest causing his death. It is further alleged that the deceased was heavily under the influence of alcohol,” read the report.
The suspect is receiving medical attention at Keetmanshoop State hospital and investigations continue.
In another incident, at Walvis Bay a 32-year-old female suspect was arrested after she stabbed and killed her 48 years old friend Vilho Haufiku, with a screwdriver.
It’s alleged that the two friends, were arguing after Haufiku allegedly came home very drunk and started pushing her around and slapping her while she was busy cooking.
“The suspect grabbed a screwdriver and stabbed the deceased on the left side of the chest which caused the deceased to die at the scene. The suspect went herself and reported the incident at Kuisebmond Police Station where she was arrested,” Nampol Spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi said.
The suspect is set to appear at Walvis Bay Magistrates Court today.
Meanwhile, on Monday in Keetmanshoop, it is reported that a 25 years old Namibian female suspect was arrested after she allegedly stabbed a 35 years old Fans Dawids.
It is alleged that the suspect came home and found the door of her ghetto open when Dawids grabbed her from behind and they started wrestling

“It was very dark since her ghetto is not having electricity and as she was approaching the door entrance, she heard the voice of a male person inside telling her that he was waiting for her. It is further alleged when she stepped inside the ghetto, an unknown male person grabbed her from behind and they started wrestling, she managed to get hold of the knife and she stabbed her assailant twice in the lower left ribs. Thereafter the assailant ran outside at the open space and fell to the ground unconscious,” read the report.
Police investigation continues.

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