PM salutes workers on May Day

Niël Terblanché

Namibia managed to control the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic because of the dedication and commitment of essential workers.

Prime Minister Saara Kuukongelwa-Amadhila, in her message to the workers of Namibia on International Workers Day said that in emergencies, workers serve at the forefront as the first lines of defence to save lives, provide essential services and ensure the productivity and profitability of enterprises.

“During the fight against the pandemic, some workers succumbed to Covid-19 while in the line of duty. It is this dedication of the workers that is celebrated on this day. The first of May is commemorated every year worldwide to honour the great work done,” Kuukongelwa-Amadhila said.

The Prime Minister also paid homage to the honour of workers and the struggles and gains made by the labour movement.

“Without a doubt, workers are the backbone of service delivery in any society. They set to serve and save society, at the expense of their own home comforts. They leave their homes and even countries to do the work for the benefit of mankind. In many instances, the work they do gives physical exhaustion and discomfort,” she said.

Kuukongelwa-Amadhila stated that the government will remain committed to the protection of the rights of workers, the improvement of their welfare conditions and the maintenance of sound labour relations through continuous engagement with workers.

“The wellness of employees also remains as one of the priorities of the government, as a means to improve working conditions in the public sector,” she said.

Kuukongelwa-Amadhila concluded her message by saluting public servants and all other workers of Namibia.

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