NIP board clarifies vehicle scheme for executive employees

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

Brian Eiseb, the Namibia Institute of Pathology’s (NIP) Chairperson of the Board of Directors, has clarified that the recently reported vehicle scheme for senior employees was approved by the Board during a duly constituted meeting.

The decision followed a comprehensive benchmarking comparison with various public and private sector institutions.

Eiseb was responding to an article published in a local daily newspaper that highlighted the purchase of brand-new cars totalling N$5.3 million for the top five executives of NIP. He also stressed the Board’s commitment to transparency and fairness.

“It is important to note that as the NIP Board, we highly regard our commitment to transparency and fairness. Hence, we hereby reconfirm that the vehicle scheme was approved for the executive management of the NIP,” said Eiseb.

Eiseb further stated that the Board reaffirms that the vehicle scheme, which has come under scrutiny, was implemented following the appropriate procedures.

According to Eiseb, the decision was made after conducting a comprehensive benchmarking process that involved various public and private sector institutions. Contrary to allegations of corruption and fraud, Eiseb asserted the Board’s confidence that the approved vehicle scheme is in the best interest of NIP.

“Therefore, as a Board, we remain confident that our decision remains in the best interest of the NIP and is devoid of any corruption or fraud. Vehicle schemes of this nature are the norm and not an exception, as they seek to provide market-related benefits for certain job categories,” he explained.

It was reported that Chief Executive Kapena Tjombonde confirmed the acquisition, describing it as an extension of fringe benefits included in the executives’ remuneration packages.

Tjombonde clarified that the board resolution for the vehicle scheme was passed in August and is now being implemented as part of the executives’ employment contracts.

The executives benefiting from the scheme are Kapena Tjombonde, Oaitse van Staden (Chief Human Capital Officer), Nabot Uushona (Chief Technical Officer), Vincent Nowaseb (Chief Operations Officer), and Scholastika Mwetulundila (Chief Financial Officer).

Additionally, the Board addressed concerns about the timing of the vehicle purchases, allegedly without following the Public Procurement Act.

Eiseb confirmed that the Board had given its approval for the purchases and emphasized that management is responsible for considering and implementing such schemes.

In response to questions regarding the necessity of providing cars for executives who already receive generous salaries and benefits, the Board reiterated its commitment to its employees.

Over the last three financial years, NIP claimed to have granted inflation-related salary increases and improved various benefits for all employees, demonstrating its commitment to its workforce.

“Despite some periodic supply chain challenges that result in occasional service interruptions, the NIP remains committed to providing superior, timely pathology, and other healthcare services to the Namibian Nation. We value the contributions that all our employees make in pursuit of our vision and the achievement of our new strategic plan,” Eiseb stated.

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