Swartbooi calls for the removal of Namdeb’s board of directors

Stefanus Nashama

Bernadus Swartbooi, leader of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM), has expressed his discomfort with the management of Namdeb and called for the removal of the board of directors due to their alleged ignorance and inability to address issues related to unfair labour practices.

Swartbooi made these remarks during a media conference held to provide the outcomes of the policy conference that his party conducted in Windhoek last week.

According to Swartbooi, Namdeb, along with its highly compensated board of directors, is a failing entity. This call comes after the LPM received a letter from Namdeb’s legal representative, accusing the party of making defamatory statements about the entity.

Swartbooi argued that the LPM has never made any defamatory statements about Namdeb but has only raised concerns about worker dissatisfaction and illegal mining. He criticized Namdeb for using state resources to combat political battles instead of addressing criticism, saying, “No one will apologize.”

Furthermore, Swartbooi accused Namdeb’s board of directors and management of being ineffective and unable to contribute value to the organization. He pointed out that Namdeb has not significantly contributed to employment creation in the country and has failed to add value to society.

The lawmaker accused Namdeb of suppressing workers who raised concerns about unfair labour practices and illegal mining, alleging that workers have been mistreated as part of an exploitative system. He emphasized that accountability is essential, and the mistreatment of workers must stop, or Namdeb will face consequences.

Swartbooi questioned why Namdeb’s management is highly compensated despite its perceived failure in fulfilling its mission. He also raised suspicions about the close relationship between the board of directors and the management.

He questioned why individuals involved in illegal mining were not removed from their positions.

Swartbooi warned that the LPM would continue to fight against Namdeb’s alleged misconduct, emphasizing that they are prepared to take the battle further, including through media, parliament, and other platforms.

LPM Deputy Leader Henny Seibeb added that no one should be intimidated or threatened in their own country. He accused Namdeb of dismissing a member who had raised concerns about unfair labour practices within the organization, alleging that Namdeb is using its capital to oppress workers, reminiscent of the old apartheid system.

Efforts to obtain a comment from Namdeb were unsuccessful at the time of going to print.

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