No customer funds were affected by attempted theft of N$200 million

Staff Writer

Nico Hijendepi Rebebe, a 30-year-old employee of Bank Windhoek in Opuwo, is currently on the run after attempting to steal an amount of N$200 million on Saturday 13 January 2024.

It is alleged that Rebebe transferred N$100 million into two different bank accounts without the authorization of the bank manager.

The bank manager told investigators that the two accounts were opened on 20 December 2023.

After making the transfer the suspect left the bank and disappeared.

Baronice Hans, the Managing Director of Bank Windhoek in a statement said that the bank managed to keep its losses to less than N$2 million.

“The matter was swiftly reported to the Namibian Police, and the Bank is actively cooperating with the ongoing investigation. The potential loss is less than N$2 million thanks to vigilant staff action and robust systems and controls within Bank Windhoek. No customer funds have been affected in any way by this incident,” Hans stated.

She said that Bank Windhoek is unable to provide further comments while the investigation is in progress.

“Bank Windhoek will release additional information as soon as it becomes available without compromising the integrity of the ongoing investigation,” she added.

According to Hans, Bank Windhoek took appropriate measures to address the situation.

She assured customers and stakeholders that the bank will not waver in its dedication to upholding the highest standards of security and integrity.

The search for the suspect by the Namibian Police is still ongoing.

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