Delta student claims top spot in 2023 NSSCO AS level…dedication and study strategies propel him to the academic pinnacle

Hertta-Maria Amutenja

Jonathan Louw, a student from Delta Secondary School in the Khomas region, has secured the coveted first position in the 2023 NSSCO Advanced Subsidiary Level Examinations.

In an exclusive interview with this publication, Louw said his dedication and commitment to his studies have positioned him as a beacon of academic excellence and a role model for aspiring students.

Louw shared insights into his successful journey, shedding light on the meticulous approach he undertook to clinch the top spot.

“I approached it with consistency throughout the year and with the knowledge that the work would be much more than before,” he said.

Louw emphasised the importance of staying motivated, stating the difficulty in maintaining focus but suggesting that engaging in a hobby can alleviate stress.

The achiever attributed his success to fundamental study techniques, highlighting the significance of active participation in class and thorough completion of homework.

“Listening in class and doing homework are two of the biggest factors, as well as getting as much information, especially for topics which you don’t fully understand,” Louw stated.

Facing challenges during his preparation, Louw acknowledged the difficulty in staying motivated but found solace in a hobby. He advised fellow students not to dwell on past achievements or failures but to concentrate on the present and stay motivated.

“I would recommend not focusing on past achievements or failures and focusing on what is in front of you and staying motivated,” he advised.

English posed a particular challenge for Louw, and he shared how collaborative efforts, such as reading and going over the work with others, significantly aided his understanding of the subject.

Reflecting on his academic journey, he highlighted the crucial role of support from family and friends, emphasising the motivation derived from these relationships. Additionally, online resources, including past examination papers, played a pivotal role in his preparation.

Balancing academic commitments with extracurricular activities, Louw stressed the importance of discipline and knowing when to focus on schoolwork versus personal interests.

His motivation stemmed from gratitude for the support provided by his family and his faith in God.

Looking ahead, Louw expressed his plans to pursue Engineering and further his academic journey.

Commenting on the new curriculum, he noted the challenges faced by students, indicating that more responsibility is placed on them to comprehend the material due to the limited time available.

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