Nobody is indispensable, accountability is brutal but must be done-Swartbooi

Martin Endjala

The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Bernadus Swartbooi says nobody is indispensable when it comes to accountability, pointing out that it is brutal but necessary for the benefits of the people that they serve.

Swartbooi sounds this strong warning to all occupying public offices adding that discipline and honesty are attributes each and every serving the people must have. Hence the LPM’s endeavour to train and equip local councilors. And at every occasions the LPM intervenes to advice and guide its councilors so that they their very best.
“When a council therefore, does not live up to the expectations deliberately, after being equipped with the necessary skills to do what is right, what is justiciable there has to be a consequence,” Swartbooi pointed out during an engagement with the media today.

Hence the LPM’s decision and resolve to recall the Deputy Mayor of the Keetmanshoop Town Council, Cherlcyta Coopar, in yesterday’s letter reading, “your endorsement is herewith revoked and you will as of today cease to be councilor representing the LPM political party and shall have no authority, jurisdiction or power of any sort to act on behalf of the party in council affairs.” The letter was written by LPM’s Operative Secretary, Dawid Eigub.
The LPM leader stated that they were not satisfied with her posture, adding that further internal processes will be followed to further seek answers that they want as well as further guidance on how to utilise her.
He further explained that the recall of a member of the party, does not only ends there, but the member will still continue serving and trained to become more effective leaders within the party. Should they prove themselves worthy of leading again, the party has provisions for another chance but only after they have been put to a test and proven to be ready for such responsibilities.

“A person who has been recalled from the public offices, does not have to experience his/her end political journey”, Swartbooi laments.
Trainings sessions are said to start soon, as from the 16-18 of next month in Mariental, followed by another session from the 21-29 August in Swakopmund.
He also points out that it is high to start disciplining those who are at local levels and not only national level and regional level, stressing that there are too many leadership issues on the continent and LPM will ensure that its councilors do not fall in the same trap of other parties who become reluctant when voted into power.
Where they sit in the office and use their connections to enrich themselves and in the next five years they increase their bank accounts. Inventing excuses to tell voters why service delivery is not forth coming, blaming covid-19, drought and so forth. Swartbooi stresses that they will not operate in such a manner at the expense of the voters.

LPM’s leader in Keetmanshoop, Joseph Isaacs, echoes that that indeed the Deputy Mayor has been recalled by the national leadership and that she is no more a councilor. Isaacs adds that she admitted to some allegations, however, failing to provide proof on some of the allegations, which prompted her being withdrawn from her position after she was asked to respond on or before the 14th July, 2022.

Coopar is the fourth councillor to be recalled by the party, following the recalls earlier this year of Sydney Skakana, Willie Kisting and Maree Smit from the same local authority. She is being accused on allegations of sharing party information with outsiders and working with opposing people.

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