Puma Energy revives youth comedy show

Martin Endjala

The popularly comedy show, free your mind, that was disrupted by Covid-19 close down measures have been revived by Puma Energy.

The opening of the show this month drew a large number of fans, who described it as refreshing and finally bringing laughter to many.

Artists and creatives are very proud of their work and are appreciated by the youth, but is not supported by the mainstream society, judging from the financial support they get from the wider society.

The industry can provide opportunities and is accessible and can give meaningful livelihoods to artists and creatives.

Puma Energy, as part of its drive to energise communities, has associated itself with the country’s most uplifting entertainment brands, that is Free Your Mind comedy.

The association is meant to bring the essence of upliftment and energy to the people who need it the most. The collaboration spoke to the need for young people to re-ignite and re-energise their spunk, their will, and their talent – by creating a platform for both performers and entertainers, easily, through the revival of the comedy series, which was last performed live, over three years ago.

In the spirit of Harambee, there is now an opportunity for the artistic side to continue elevating itself, re-establishing its magnetism through comedy and performance, but also showing the people of the city and indeed the country that we can awake from the slump, which was the result of COVID-19 pandemic.

The event was specifically chosen to BOOST the existing energy of the youth and to reiterate the need for all Namibians to find their inner light, through laughter, entertainment and social connection because with collaboration, the inevitable is to initiate, create and care.

This was the key intention behind the BOOST UP Comedy show hosted on 7 July at the Brewers Market to a sold-out house which included five top class Namibian comedians supported by a highlight performance of Tate Buti.

The campaign, which has been running for over eight weeks, was designed to remind everyone that we have overcome, succeed and are somewhat ready to start again.

The PUMA Energy brand has been giving away N$10 000 cash each week since May 2022 for a
total of 12 weeks to the total value of N$120 000, energising Namibians and giving back to the

The brand recognises the role that corporates should be playing during times of crisis, as was seen since the end of 2019.

“Puma Energy Namibia is excited to be a part of Namibia’s culture and mainstream energy – as it also reflects on the brands identity as a community service, for quality and care. And just a little bit of Fun”, said an excited Puma energy team at the event.

The event saw the likes of Notorious Slick, Iileka, Zita, Helmut, Big Mich sharing the stage and the lively fans wanting more as laughter was the order of the day a moment that many described as breath taking and taking one’s mind off thousands of issues affecting us socially.

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