NYS enjoy fruits of agricultural development

Niël Terblanché

The National Youth Service (NYS) in Rietfontein, in an inspiring stride towards sustainable agriculture and youth empowerment, is celebrating the harvest of its inaugural batch of potatoes.

This milestone follows the reception of substantial funding in 2021 from the Namibia Training Authority, aimed at nurturing youth skills and fostering income-generating opportunities.

Under the innovative guidance of NYS Executive for Skills, Training, and Production, Joy Mamili, and Horticulture Consultant Tjizauru Toromba, the potato cultivation has been successfully implemented using a center pivot irrigation system.

This irrigation technology has proven globally and locally that it is essential, especially as it circumvents the reliance on unpredictable rain patterns, thus securing a more stable agricultural output.

The efforts at NYS are part of a broader movement within Namibia’s agricultural sector to enhance food security and streamline the supply chain systems.

According to recent statements by the agriculture ministry, initiatives are underway to ensure that local production, such as that from NYS, finds its way directly to market shelves.

This strategy not only aims to support local economies but also to ensure that communities have regular access to fresh, locally-grown produce.

In line with these efforts, the Ministry has launched several agronomic programs under the guidance of the Green Scheme policy, which encourages the use of irrigation systems across the country to boost agricultural productivity.

The ministry said that this is aligned with national goals to increase the agriculture sector’s contribution to the GDP and to enhance social development through sustainable practices.

Mamili said that as these potatoes reach the market, they represent more than just sustenance.

“The produce signifies a step forward in Namibia’s commitment to agricultural innovation and youth participation in the economy,” she said.

According to Mamili, the continued support from the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Land Reform ensures that initiatives like those at NYS not only flourish but also pave the way for a sustainable agricultural future in Namibia.

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