Oh men!


You’re doing it wrong, 5 tips to get it right.

Have you ever walked down the street and a group of girls is checking you out? There you go, feeling like ‘the man’ but have you ever asked yourself WHY they are looking? Well, allow me to let you in on something. If you assume it’s because you emptied half your bottle of cologne on yourself that morning, you are wrong! Here are 5 things we think we are doing right but are in fact wrong.

1. Yes, we all want to smell good and yes we also get that your cologne costs N$2000 but do you really need to spritz 1L of the thing. Too much cologne is well… too much, for you and our nostrils. Apply a small yet significant amount to certain areas and trust me, you are covered for the whole day.

2. Your appearance speaks for you before you even open your mouth. It is important that you are dressed appropriately, wherever you are. Be it in the office, on an outing or even a house chill. Always dress for the occasion. Going for a drink after work and you are dressed in a suit? You look ridiculous and uptight. Loosen things up by taking off the blazer and tie. Roll up the shirt sleeves and you are good to go.

3. You just came back from a garlic filled lunch, but your crush, Naambo in the hallway will definitely notice that breath the minute you say hi. A tiktak (or four) is always a good idea after any meal. Always carry some mints in your pocket.

4. That long brown nail on your pinky, what are you doing? Cut it off! Ladies love a clean hand. Plus that nail can carry a lot of dirt and bacteria. Sies!

5. Remember tip #2 about dressing for the occasion? Well, I hate to break it to you but plakkies are not it. They can not always be your safe look for you. Get some men’s sandals, they look great on almost anything. Oh men!

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