Ondangwa town council leadership applauded

Martin Endjala

The Ondangwa Town Council has been praised for successfully developing extension 24 into sustainable housing suburb for low middle income people.

The Minister of Urban and Rural Development Erastus Uutoni applauded the council on Friday during the official commissioning of Ondangwa Town Extension 24.

Uutoni, pointed out that the provision of housing should not only be seen as a shelter, but as part of the functions for essential development for the town and the people as well as for the future of the nation.

The minister has urged leadership to refrain from fighting each other, which waste a lot of energy and putting on hold developments that are already planned for towns.

Uutoni says, they have no time to waste, adding that “this shows that the leadership of Ondangwa is not a divided but are a working force for the benefit of their residents and that is what we must do to ensure affordable, adequate houses for all the 14 regions in the country’’.

The Ondangwa Town has spent approximately N$33 million on the project, which include infrastructures, sewage construction, electricity and roads.

During the commissioning of the extension, both Ananias Shilongo and Johannes Nambala, witnessed streets named after them, honouring of their work on the athletics tracks.

Shilong said that he was honoured and humble to have a street named after him saying that, it is ‘’good for one’s hard work to be recognized through this manner in their own home town’’.

He however, emphasized the importance of such recognition, pointing out that they demonstrate that disabled persons are just as equal as those who are not. And that such recognition will serve as a boost to many paralympics to push them further.




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