Opinion – Life is a gift from God

Given the current social and economic challenges, it is worth noting that as a nation, we face a myriad of challenges and as such we believe we should focus on these as we work together to resolve them. These challenges include: an economy in recession, the Covid-19 pandemic, gender based violence, the brutal rape of women, especially our young people and senior citizens, poverty, retrenchments which lead to job losses, disease, alcohol and drug abuse, etc.

It remains our firm conviction that these are the issues that should occupy the nation’s attention and dedication. Introducing abortion on demand is a mere distraction to these critical areas, which require our collective focus and commitment.

Furthermore, we would like to emphasize [our view that there is] a huge personal, emotional and psychological cost to the individual who undergoes the medical procedure, which terminates a pregnancy. The termination of a pregnancy is more complex than just physical. The emotional scars could lead to increases in the abuse of drugs, suicidal thoughts and additional abortions.

Anger, guilt, shame, isolation and loneliness, the loss of one’s self esteem, anxiety, and insomnia could become the experience of some citizens whose dreams were snuffed out by an ill-considered decision. There are medical professionals who might testify to [a low level of possible] negative side-effects of abortion: repeat miscarriages, uncontrolled bleeding, the perforation of the uterus, ectopic pregnancies and so many problems can occur.

In light of the above, it is our emphatic plea to all of our leaders whether you serve at an executive, legislative, judicial, regional, local, traditional and community level – is to listen to our cry. Hear the voice of the ones who are not here to speak for themselves. Do not turn your back on their silent cries in favour of the clamouring of voices of a few.

As leaders, you have a higher calling; you have a responsibility towards this generation and to secure a future for the Namibian child. A grand future, a future secure and one where their rights and privileges will be respected irrespective of what may be considered as a matter of personal choice or a fleeting consideration is imperative.

Let us join hands to reject this call for abortion on demand, as we offer support to our Government to protect the life of the unborn in the land of the brave. The future of our nation is at stake. May we be worthy custodians and citizens of Namibia. This is our land of heritage.

God Bless the People of Namibia.

We print most letters from the public but reserve the right to edit incorrect statistics and unproven declarative statements in the interest of informed and accurate public debate. The point of view expressed here is a perspective that must be heard in the ongoing debate. All points of view on this controversial topic are welcome. – Ed.

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