gender based violence

Advice to men – manage your anger

The Time Traveler: Hugh Ellis In the wake of the anti-femicide protests in the last few weeks, many of us men might, I think, be feeling troubled. Many of us are overwhelmed by the stories we heard of rape, murder, assault and harassment. Many of us are ourselves victims of the same violent tendencies in our fellow men. And many of us have been complicit in gender-based violence. We may not be the B1 Butcher, but we know we could have done better in our dealings with our significant others, one-night stands, or female relatives. If this is you, I’m…
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Opinion – Life is a gift from God

Given the current social and economic challenges, it is worth noting that as a nation, we face a myriad of challenges and as such we believe we should focus on these as we work together to resolve them. These challenges include: an economy in recession, the Covid-19 pandemic, gender based violence, the brutal rape of women, especially our young people and senior citizens, poverty, retrenchments which lead to job losses, disease, alcohol and drug abuse, etc. It remains our firm conviction that these are the issues that should occupy the nation’s attention and dedication. Introducing abortion on demand is a…
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